Green Coffee | Orange

Green Coffee | Orange - ground green coffee with fresh orange taste! It will boost your energy in the morning!

Green coffee contains high level of chlorogenic acid. It is well-known that chlorogenic acid has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It also enhances metabolism process, decreases glucose absorption in the intestine and helps to reduce high blood pressure. Green coffee, thanks to high level of chlorogenic acid, is a perfect suport in fighting against being overweight.

Green coffee has the same level of caffeine as black coffee so for sure it will be a very good substitute of a black coffee in your daily menu.

You just need to pour the water and it is ready!

You can add cacao or cinnamon and get your own version of Orange Green Coffee!

Ingredients: 97% Green Coffee, Orange Flavor


How to prepare a Green Coffee | Orange?

Use a teaspoon of green coffee for a cup with 240ml of hot water (~90°C/195°F). You can add low-fat milk or natural sweetener if desired. For an iced coffee alternative, brew a teaspoon of green coffee in a cup with 30ml of hot water and then blend it with cold milk and ice.

Coffee should be brewed for around 3min before drinking.

We recommend two or three cups per day. Do not reuse the coffee grounds. 

If desired (to avoid floating coffee grounds), Orange Green Coffee may be brewed with an infuser or a French Press. 

Please note: Ground Orange Green Coffee is delivered in 250g package. There are no separate sachets in this package

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Type: Coffee

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